1. Build a Kit

Assemble enough emergency supplies for at least 3 days.

  • Include pet supplies, medicines, diapers and infant formula, if needed.
  • Don’t forget your tribal ID along with other important papers.
  • Use easy-to-carry bags or bins. Consider a second kit for the car.

2. Make A Plan

Pick a friend to call if you get separated from family

  • Know where to meet
  • Make a list of important information
  • Make a plan to evacuate
  • Make a plan to shelter in place
  • Talk with your family and tribe
  • Practice your plan

3. Be Informed About What Might Happen

Learn about the types of emergencies most likely to affect your community.

  • Be prepared to adapt this information to your personal circumstances
  • Make every effort to follow instructions received from authorities
Could you get along on your own for a few days if your area experienced an emergency? Each family should make preparations NOW for immediate or potential situations that threaten life, property or the environment. Preparing today will speed up recovery time in an emergency.